Book recommendation for overachievers – Elon Musk biography 

I love productivity improvements, setting ambitious goals and hitting the stars. But sometime I need a kick, I need to be reminded sometimes, that sky is not the limit.

Elon Musk’s biography written by Ashlee Vance did exactly that I expected it would do – I was super inspired plus more.

Elon is an amazing person with his pros and cons (as each of us), but his consistency and push to reach achieve his goals and dreams – is what makes him different. Things he had to go through while making Space X, Tesla Motors and Solar City possible – something what would most probably break 99.99 percent of people in the world. I am not saying each of us should be like Elon, absolutely not, but few things we all sure can learn from him and apply in our professional lives.

I did not just got all inspired (and that’s it) – It actually pushed me making some decision and actions in various areas of my life which I was delaying or not pushing through. This is powerful.
Much recommended.