Imagine They Are All Gone

Imagine your family, any other people you care most in your life, are gone. Your kids, your wife, your father, mother… Anyone you care about – everyone are gone. Think about it. What would be the things you would think you should’ve done or tell them. Just grab a pen and paper (or whatever you have… Tablet, phone) and make a list.

Imagine the situation when you know they’re gone, but somehow you still have a chance. You know what is the difference between the situation I ask you to imagine and your current reality? Not much – there could be no tonight, there could be no tomorrow. Now is your chance. This is my chance…

Let’s grab one or two things from this list and do it, say it now, make a call, or whatever you need, just do it… If we can’t make it happen now, lets do it tonight, lets do it as soon as we can. Lets be grateful that we still have a chance. And not just it, not just be grateful for the chance, but use is.
Thank you,