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The Entrepreneur's Solution
The Entrepreneur’s Solution

When I initially got interested in Entrepreneurs Solution books, it was introduced by Brandon Burchard. Brandon’s recommendation helped me to see this as one of best books to train my Entrepreneurial thinking. At that point I hardly understood what it means and why it is important not just in business but in life in general. Mel is breaking down Entreprenuerial thinking into main elements of Identity (Character, Caurage, Clarity), Impact (Commit, Create, Contribute) and Influence (Connect, Collaborate, Capitalize). Just after first few pages it got clear that Entreprenuerial thinking is something important not just in creating own business or helping to grow corporate or other business we are part of, but also in everyday life, everyday approach to any issues we have, problems, goals. Even important for how our children should be raised and taught to be best people they could be. This book helps to understanding the real reason why we are doing anything in our lives. I was amazing number of time while reading this book. I told to myself “Wow, this books is amazing” like 15 times. After number 10 of saying so I realised that I just have to write this review of the book. Thank you Mel. H Abraham


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