Imagine They Are All Gone

Imagine your family, any other people you care most in your life, are gone. Your kids, your wife, your father, mother… Anyone you care about – everyone are gone. Think about it. What would be the things you would think you should’ve done or tell them. Just grab a pen and paper (or whatever you have… Tablet, phone) and make a list. Imagine the situation when you know they’re gone, but … Read more Imagine They Are All Gone

What everyone should know before having children!

Just after You announce Your pregnancy everyone seems to want to be involved in it. What pushchair/ sling to buy, where to put baby to sleep, how to keep marriage life spicy, what to do, what not to do when baby cries and so on. When some of the advise I had when I was pregnant first time around, most of them were useless and some even harmful. But in the … Read more What everyone should know before having children!

Why You Are Sick All The Time!

Couple weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend about her health. She was complaining about being dizzy in the morning, having no energy, etc. I said that she probably has health issues. She asked me :” you mean, something is wrong with my heart or kidneys, or other organ?”. “No”,- I said, ” you are just not healthy in general”. She couldn’t understand what I meant. So let me … Read more Why You Are Sick All The Time!

3 Time Wasting Habits Many Mums Have

The number one excuse I hear from almost every mom is “I don’t have time”. And let me get this straight, You can’t have more or less time. You ALWAYS have 24 hours in a day! HowYou use it is yet another topic! Children take a lot of attention and care, leaving mums with little bit left for themselves. For instance I have a toddler who won’t play alone for more … Read more 3 Time Wasting Habits Many Mums Have

5 Reasons Why Breast is The Best (from a selfish perspective)

I hope that everybody reading this are aware of breastfeeding benefits. If not, then go and do your homework! While it has an awesome positive impact on a baby, there are few things that I really want to mention today that are great from a selfish mommy’s perspective. 1. It doesn’t cost a thing to breastfeed! Oh yes, I would rather invest the money in a decent pair of new shoes … Read more 5 Reasons Why Breast is The Best (from a selfish perspective)

8 Reasons Why We Love Our Pushchair!

I have been advised thatin my previous post about babywearing I came out quite negative towards prams and pushchairs! I really had no intention to sound that way, and I am sorry if my last post upset in any way! We use pushchair with Liucija ourselves and this is our 10 reason why we love it : 1. It keeps baby dry in rain! Yes! Rainy walks are awesome, but I … Read more 8 Reasons Why We Love Our Pushchair!

Beautiful People

I was on a tube to get the keys for our new place, and as my favourite activity, I was watching people and wondering what kind of story each one of them has to share. And as I was looking around I started noticing how beautiful people are and I mean everybody! No no no, I’m not saying this in kinda pathetic hippy ” we all are beautiful on the inside” … Read more Beautiful People

10 Reasons Why We Love Babywearing

  I can’t express enough how much we love baby wearing! We did a bit with Liucija and now we are doing it full time with Gabriel! I would have loved to wear Liucija all the time, but she loved her pushchair more than being carried. Gabriel, on the other hand is much more content in a sling! So here are 10 reasons why me and Justas love babywearing: 1. Having … Read more 10 Reasons Why We Love Babywearing

Toddlers and sleep

I always thought I was lucky. Liucija started sleeping through the night when she was around 2 months, it was amazing! She slept perfectly until 7-8 months or so, when she started crawling, and even then she woke up only 2-3 times a night. Then returned back to her beautiful all night sleep for several months, but after we hit 14 months mark it started to be less and less sleep … Read more Toddlers and sleep