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Why Are We Getting Sick

After taking a number of years trying to understand my body and mind, I realised that there is much deeper connection between these two than I ever imagined. This knowledge helped me a lot, and I really want to share my experience with you.


photo by Jan Jablunka
photo by Jan Jablunka


We are usually learning, getting new knowledge and ideas from our family members, our friends, other people around us. This is really good – we have to learn from each other. But we also have to expand our horizon beyond just our family, friends and people we interact with on daily basis. Obviously we have huge amount of resources available for us to do our own research on any topic we could imagine, but we will never do a research on every single aspect or decision we make in our lives – there is simply not enough time. This sometimes makes us to adopt not exactly the best ideas or approaches to solve some of our common problems. One of these, I strongly believe, is treatment and reaction to any kind of illness.

In our modern society we tend to think that any kind of body malfunction, like headache or cold, is just a part of us which went wrong, and it has to be fixed like some part of broken watch or washing machine. Once it is fixed – broken part is replaced or adjusted – we are ready to go. It’s close to what I think is true, but that part we usually replace or adjust in our body is just a symptom itself, not an actual cause of it. I believe we have to listen to your body, carefully. If something is wrong with it – there is a reason (not just a symptom on it’s own). Getting rid of the symptoms can help us now, but understanding and eliminating the reason will give us much more benefit in the longer perspective. Or can we say will do us way less harm in the longer perspective. Not just because pain or symptom will not be back, but because we will live longer, happier, better life – time we would spend trying to recover our health could be used for much more fulfilling activities.

When I was a child I would spend at least few months of school time, being ill. At around 15 years old I started exercising a lot and jogging every other morning. My health got much better, and few years after that I was getting ill not more than once in two years. Some people could say my health got stronger, I grew up etc., but I don’t think this is the case here. I just did not understand then, but main reason of me getting sick less frequently was that I have learned how to deal with challenges in my life. Me taking a decision to jog every other morning at 5 am before school was a sign of me getting a bit wiser – I also had less reasons for those unconscious excuses of getting sick.

For past few years every time I get sick (even if it was so unfrequent), I stopped and took my time to understand what is going on in my life, how I felt before getting sick, who and what was influencing me etc. I don’t get my answers every time, but in most cases I can clearly understand what went wrong in my life, so my uncouncious mind had to help me to escape or protect me, by not allowing to get out of my bed, or just making me stay at home with hot cup of herbal tea.

Reason for us getting sick could be many, many things which we wouldn’t even think about sometimes. It could be some of our colleagues who we have trouble communicating to, it could be a task we don’t want to do, it could be recent bad experience in our relationship, lack of motivation. It could be anything or even a combination of few smaller things. Some of these reasons could also be quite a small and easy to fix issue if we just can realise and react to it soon enough by taking well thought through actions.

Biggest challenge here, I believe, is to admit that we have much more control than we think, and at the same time not to think that this is our weakness. It’s hard to admit that getting sick in some cases is our excuse, even if it’s unconscious. But once we do it, once we open our mind – we will open some great opportunities to get to know ourselves better. Once we understand what are the actual reasons, why do we need these unconscious excuses, we will have an opportunity to prevent these issues or change the way how we react to them.

Reason for me writing this post could be quite easy to guess – I recently got sick. I did not feel good, my productivity went down but I was pushing further. I did a mistake – I forgot I should listen to my body. I ended up having few extra days off sick, which I would be able to avoid if I would just react as soon as my body gave me the sign. My lesson – I was just pushing too much, physically and mentally. In addition this caused me to put less attention to what I eat – it made my body weaker, due to lack of nutrients. I ended up being way less resistant to stress and challenges. Getting sick was my way of avoiding worse consequences on me, my family, my projects, quality of everything I do. I am happy I was able to understand it, and will do my best that this would not happen again soon. At least until I will forget what I have learnt, again.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not any kind of medical advice and should not be treated as so.



Why Are We Getting Sick
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Why Are We Getting Sick
Some experience and thoughts about why are we getting sick - this worked for me. Why wouldn't it work for you?